SAAQ Devaluation

Did you know that when you transfer a vehicle at the Socitété de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ), you will be charged the provincial sales tax on the value of the vehicle according to the price list establish by the Guide Hebdo?


Did you know that you could save on the sales tax to be paid at the SAAQ when transferring certain vehicles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc?

camion-d-11Here are a few examples;

  • When transferring an accidented  or not repaired vehicle
  • Reconstructed vehicle bearing the VGA status (vehicle gravely accidented)
  • Higher than average mileage/kilometers
  • Condition of the vehicle i.e. rust, advanced wear, major mechanical problem
  • Vehicle to be restored
  • All vehicles over 25 years old (mandatory evaluation required by the SAAQ)



Indeed, if one of these situations applies to you vehicle, we can help you!

By establishing the real market value of your vehicle according to its condition, during our visual inspection and considering the different criterias described above.

This document must be done before you go to your local SAAQ in order to save on the sales tax immediately.



We are recommended by the SAAQ to devaluate a vehicle and our form meets their requirements.