Valuation report

What is a valuation report?

A valuation report is a document that determines the value of your vehicle according to the current market as well as the supply and demand. This allows you to insure you vehicle according to its value and therefore receive a fair payment in the event of an accident or an insurance claim. Many insurance companies actually do require such a document in order to insure your vehicle for collision protection. We are recognized by all the insurance companies in Quebec We offer appointments at our office in Valleyfield or for more convenience, our appraisers are on the road almost daily and can accommodate you by going to your location (within our territory) We can send a preliminary document of the value of your vehicle to your insurance Company within 5 business days of seeing your vehicle so that you are eligible for proper insurance coverage sooner.

Subsequently, the official document will be ready within a period of about 15 business days.

These vehicles are or were the ownership  of the Dupras family.

Why should you request one? Because:


auto-reparation-011.    The vehicle is 10 years or older

2.    Antique

3.    Classic

4.    Hot Rod

5.    Modified

6.    Recreational

7.    Motorcycle

8.    Farm machinery

9.    In the process of restoration

The market value evaluation of your vehicle consists of one colored paper copy that you will receive by mail as well as a copy being sent by e-mail.

Do not wait for an accident or a claim.

You want to have the adequate insurance coverage
in order to protect the money and time invested in your vehicle.